TrueLife Academy: Special-Needs Programs

Who Are We?

TrueLife Academy is a non-profit organization that is tackling a growing need for more services for the special-needs population in Macomb County, Michigan. 

What Is Our Mission?

We plan on undertaking an essential mission to develop a Day Program, as well as, a Residential Housing Program. We wanted to design something that has not been done before in Michigan. Keeping that in mind, our goal is to provide a community space for the day program with the expandability into residential housing, located in one complex.

Enhancing Special-Needs Opportunities

The community space will be available to the public for the special-needs population, their families, and teachers. Events to the public will include: day passes, school trips, and summer camps. Specialized life skills and vocational training will be provided for groups or individuals by our trained staff. The residential housing will be apartment type units with 24/7 care, with access to indoor and outdoor community space.

For More Information

Please visit our website at for more information.